Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Preforming tips part #2-Getting "In the Zone"

                   Dear all:

                          Ok, so it goes without saying, the more energy you have, the better chances of a great preformance and possibly the best chance at winning. It is important to have this energy at every rehersal, but within reason (lets not wear our energy out), but it is especilly important at the shows (and especilly compitition). Naturally, we just don't get this energy on command, it develops, and their are various ways to help develop and nurture this energy the right way.

#1-Singing from your Favorite Broadway Musicals
 (like, for example, one of the things that gets me is "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, or "Not for the life of me/Throughly Modern Mille" from Throughly Modern Mille).

#2-Watching other High Energy Show Choirs (I highly recommend watching anything Brea-especilly "Spellbound" and a few "Masquerade" sets on youtube-thus explanning the "Brea Juice" joke).
Spellbound 2010-Part 1
Spellbound 2010-Part 2
Masquerade 2009 "Everything old is New again" and "Rio De Janiro"
John Burroghs:
Powerhouse: "Run"
Ceder Rapids: "Washington"-"Jai Ho":

But if you have you're own particular preferance-No one's twisting your arm (except maybe your dance partner---LOL!----here's to dry humor).

#3 Watch "Gleeful: The Real Show Choirs of America"
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part: 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

And listen to incredibly exciting music, my suggestions:

Caramelldansen: (including the famous dance) (the dance which involves dancing around, with your hands on your head shaped like little Kitty Cat Ears)

Its Ranning Men (which like 6 Girl Show Choirs did last year)

and I need a Hero (which Glendora's Tartan Silhouettes mixed into a nice melody with Ranning Men)

#4-Get the competitive Spirit (IE, where Here to win, etc)

#5-PIZAZZ!!! (Basically, you count 1 2 3 and yell "Pizazz" with a random {repeat 3 times, recommended in a group}).

#6-Watch DVD's of Past Preformances

What NOT to do:

#1 Eat Caffine (the Theater Custodians are tired of cleaning up-after the remains of Show Choir people who suddently explode from over excited-itus) JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! No really, don't eat large amounts of caffine, beacuse it has been known to dry out your trachea quite quickly. But a small piece of Chocolate chased down with Water could probably improve a preformane in getting your energy (like I mentioned above).

#2 Dairy Products (if you could possibly help it)-also known to down your voice quality.

                           And we will start posting on YouTube starting Saturday.

                                         As always:
                                                -Justin Rodger

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