Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Diamond Bar ***Spectacular*** Show Choir Competition

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                          Well as I write this, I am currently in the process of uploading videos of the 2011 Diamond Bar ***Spectacular*** Show Choir Competition, and I Paraphrase from last night "The 2011 So.Cal Show Choir Competition season has commenced". So here we are at the start of the 2011 So.Cal Competition Season (ohhhh what fun!!!!). Now, I won't be telling you where on this post i've posted the very important post, that is the post of the placings (I think im going to need a Post Office in that regard). Most of what has written has been fashionably edited, but written at the time of the preformance, so lets take a look.

                           Since the retirement of long time director Rollie Maxson, it is apparent that Arcadia has made quite a few changes. Some of which include the use of Risers, Parasals and Tap Dancing (remember I said "Arcadia" not "Brea"), speaking of Brea, what more of a suprise to Brea when they ("Chaunteurs") ask in their ballad "Where is love" reminiscent of last year's Ballad for Brea's "Spellbound", from the Lionel Bart musical "Oliver". Concluding with a wonderful medly on "He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother/You Raise me up" arranged by Bobby Scott and Brendan Graham.

                             The Glendora High School "Royal Stewart Singers", one of the older Show Choirs, is currently under the direction of Dr.Brian Trevor, Choreographed with their new Choreographer Angela Vamos (who will be featured in the "Glee" Superbowl commercial for GM) and Assit. Choreography by Stephanie Lizzaraga. They opend up with the rather powerful mid-20th century classic "Let yourself go" which lead into their first ballad "Come live with me and be my love". Naturally going into the rather suprising Glee hit "Somebody to love". Going into thier hauntingly beautiful second Ballad "Angel Breating Out". Finishing up with the Bon Jovi Classic "Livin' On a Prayer".

                            At this point in the Competition, we now enter into the world of the more "showy" Show Choirs (typical of the quality of So.Cal). As the Curtain opens in harmony with the "ohhs" and "ahhs" of the crowd, we seem to find ourselvs in a setting Conducive of nature. We find this sort of "nature goddess" who seems to be thet most popular girl in the forest, then she is at the all time low of mistrust and pity (the apittim-y of of pitty as some might say). Then, some how by her good graces, she is pittied so much, that this small group of women come to console, and then more and then more. Then finally, she realizes humility and then all is at peace and Harmony (literally).  In this set called "Clear Blue Morning", preformed by the Hart High School "Sound Vides" directed by Gail Hart and Choreographed by Gerald Espinosa.

                            Our 4th choir for the night, "Sound Machine" from Bonita Vista high School, under the direction Roxanne Ronacher and Choreographed by Bobbi Adams. This set called, "Caught" is a true tribute to the world of Spiders. "The Itsy Bitsy Spider walked up the water spout" beings the set, as the stage lights up to find us with a Choir of laments regarding insects, with a rather huge spider web gracing the stage. So now we open with "Kiss of the Spiderwomen" and the very Hot "When the Jitterbug Bites". Next we come to "Spider's web" and the 2nd hit "Boris the Spider", like its counter part "Jitterbug" from earlier, we see and hear things reminiscent of the 1940's (including tap dancing), and ending with "Fancy Free/I got no strings" arrangments by Hearane.

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                                 -Justin Rodger.                               

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