Sunday, January 30, 2011

Facebook events!!!

          Dear all:

                As with the creativeity of the facebook world, a whole list of events are to be posted time by time, but certainly not dull, as two have just been posted today!!!

                As always:
                     -Justin Rodger!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Concert Choir really that important?

                     Dear all:

                             Well, with all the hustle and bustle of any standard Show Choir year, some Choirs happen to have a strong "Concert" feel to it at times, and even those without often wonder "is Concert Choir really that important anyways?". Concert Choir reminds us of the roots of Show Choir, in being a Choir. Infact, with true Concert Choir, their are many things that some Show Choirs just plain miss out (like Bach, Mozart, Bhrams etc), naturally due to their busy schedule. It is known that  many Britsh Rock Starts started out in similar Classical tranning (like Orchestras for example). Concert Choir also provides those in Show Choir with a great amount of extra time consistant vocal tranning and as with any team, it is only as stong as its weakest link (this is why I also encourage extra dance lessons).

                                    As always:
                                           -Justin Rodger

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Favorite things about Preforming

         Dear all:

                      We all have our own littler quirks about Preforming, and I invite you to post your own, as the following are mine.

1. All of the stress of costume changes (especilly 17 Second Costume Changes)

2.  Makeup and what not.

3. Having a live audiance there watching you.

4. My love for music and singing

5. The Stress of Blackouts on stage.

6. How (especilly with full productions), backstage is a compleatly differnt world.

7. How a message from the director to you (and the cast) backstage, can be compleatly twisted by the time it gets to you.

8. Having to "run" behind the set to get to the other side of the stage (depending on where I am preforming).

9. The quiet of the backstage.

10. Having to memorize all of that music and lituerature.

11. Having a sort of relationship and common understanding with your fellow preformers.

12. At audition, the stress of audition

13. At rehersals and Auditions, all the funny clothes we preforming arts people wear (spandex, wife beaters, etc)

14. Having lots of auditions, rehersals and preformances to do, at a single time.

15. Just being busy with things to do.

16. All of my new friends that I make!!!!!!!!!!

17. Also the "Stress" of the "oh my, thay person is wayyyyyyy better then me" stress, auditions.

18. The stress of audition waiting rooms!!

19. The Stress of "ok where ready for you know"

20. Getting a call back (even If one doesnt get it, or you don't know yet, at least you're going somewhere)

21. Also the stress of the intense waiting period after you audition to find out.

22.  Rehersals, and being all sweaty and just ya know.

23.When the stage manager says "Curtain" or "Places please" or therof.

                What are yours?

                             As always:
                                    -Justin Rodger

SCSCB On: "Gleeful: The Real Show Choirs of America"

            Dear all:

                     Well, amoung the totall explosion of Show Choir to the World with the continuing of "Glee" last April (of 2010) quite a number of Local, National and even Inter-National News Outlets have put quite the spotlight on the real life of Show Choir, including this wonderful British Documentry about Show Choir, featuring quite a bit of the Southern California Show Choirs (including, Burroghs, Burbank, Brea, Arcadia, Hart and a little bit of Glendora and other local Choirs). It also provides a totall Choir Room/Back Stage interviews and bits from various places, inculding the Los Alamitos EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! Compitition.  It is also a great window into the World of Show Choir, especilly for an area of the world where their is literally only 1 Show Choir in the entire Country (England). It is finally a great warmer upper and energizer for any preformance (especilly Show Choir Compititions and what nots), and I highly recommend watching before you preform.


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part: 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

                As always:
                  -Justin Rodger

                         P.S: We are still putting together our schedule for Show Choir Compititions. If I am not able to attend, we are looking for attendies to write a 1-4 Paragraph synopsis of the program. If you are interesting please write (remove the .ShowChoir for it to work).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

YouTube and So.Cal Show Choir Blog

             Dear all:

                    Well as you all may know, we happen to have a Facebook and a YouTube page, both growing as fast as they can, in time for the So.Cal Show Choir Compitition Season. We have recently added some favorites on our YouTube page, which will continue to grow "as time goes by", and we will be sure to start posting videos as soon as the So.Cal Show Choir Compitition Season Starts!!!! And be sure to tell your Friends about our Blog!



                              As always:
                                   -Justin Rodger


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Show Choir and the use of Risers.

                        For as long as music has been around, the use of a rising effect on stage, choir stalls and lofts have been quite prevailent, even in the design of Instruments, so it was no suprise that Show Choirs would follow suit when they started in the late 60's-70's. Thanks to YouTube user tskot, we clearly see evidence of this in the early Show Choir Compititions of the 60's and 70's. Particularlly with Mid-West Show Choir, the Mid-Westerners, even to this day, do not exactly have a "Plethora" of Preforming Art Centers, simply Gyms, Cafeterias and even Classrooms (to some of us veteran Southern Californians it tends to make you feel like you're in several "DIMENSIONS" especilly with all of those "Wheat Fields" blocking the way for the next Orpheum or Carnegie Hall {ok enough with the cameos}), so to many the Risers where the stage themselvs (ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration).

            Here is Video of a 1970's Show Choir Compitition, the Marion High School 26th Street Singers-1977:

ohhhh how Show Choir Has changed.

                 The Use of Risers became especilly important as Show Choirs started to go "all out" in the 1990s, for example the Nogales High School Chamber Singers**, the Brea Olinda of its day (especilly since Brea's Director and Choreographer where employed at Nogales during that time). As Show Choirs  tend to grow more and more into the Show (with Southern California leading the way) the use of Risers have become practically the norm. Even amoung Middle Schools we have seen the growing trend. "If its not growing is decaying"*, such words from Brendon Jennings, the director of the famos John Burroghs HS Show Choir "Powerhouse".

Shocker: A Middle School Show Choir Clearly using Risers:
Brea Jr.High-Show Choir Express 2008

                 Even if the Show Choir in question, is a simpler more traditional Show Choir (yes, with the Sequins) Risers have helped choreographically and even musically (is it anywonder why Risers have been used for Hunders of years now?), they really "up" the preformance, per say.

                      As always:
                          -Justin Rodger


With a Couple of camios to Dave Willert's Book Series "DIMENSIONS"

Monday, January 17, 2011

So.Cal Choir Blog on Facebook and Youtube!

        Dear all:

               Keep updated on the latest with "So.Cal Show Choir Blog: Rantings of a So.Cal Show Choir Wannabe" on Facebook, and various Choir related things (including the up and coming Show Choir Compitition Season) on YouTube (especilly as the season rolls along).


                     As always:
                            -Justin Rodger.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What do you look for in Show Choir?


            As I write this, I am currently waiting for the callback list in regards to my audition for Citrus College's Production of "Ragtime", if im not called back it doesnt mean im not in, but it doesnt look to shiny. Also awaiting The very much anticipated 2011 Show Choir Competition Season for Southern California. Speaking of which, a shout out to my good Choir friends at Brea Olinda High School/Jr.High School. After enjoying a good “preview night” on Saturday the 8th, I fully intend to keep quiet what they are doing this year (its going go be quite spectacular). I am also awaiting the news of Costume Changes for the “Guys and Dolls” of the Glendora High School Show Choirs, and interested to see what the other choirs have in store (I seriously have no idea).


We all have our likes and dislikes about Show Choir (I invite you to post yours in the comments section, but DO NOT trash or put down anybody or any of the choirs themselves). As for myself, much of my likes and dislikes are rooted in my years of musical theater when I was younger (and recently re-continuing). So one can expect I happen to have a particular sweet tooth for the big Showy Show Choirs (as I do). But all sequins and steam machines aside, I also believe in doing what you do well (like Arcadia High School’s, Chanteurs and New Spirit). These choirs are living proof, that doing what you do well is particularly important in Show Choir, just in General, (like when Chanteurs totally ate up Brea Olinda’s “Masquerade” at Aztec Sing 2010-NOT TO IMPLY that Brea does not do well, what they do, but their more of a “Show” focus unfortunately can knock any Choir’s points down (it depends Judge to Judge and partially their own likes and dislikes).

              As I mentioned earlier, being my prior and continuing experience in Musical Theater, I also happen to have a “Hart” for the more Showy Show Choirs (like Brea, Burroughs and Burbank-----OH MY!). I have a particular love for the Brea Choirs due to their spirit of love and family not found in most choirs (from what I can understand) present at each and every performance. So here is my thumbs up to Dave Willert and Doug Khul, of making your choirs a “world of imagination”. I don’t have a particular preference for the Mid West Show Choirs, but admittedly enough, they help keep alive and keep us Californians aware of our wonderful Show Choir History and Tradition (30 years strong!!!).

                           As always:
                                 -Justin Rodger

   P.S: This whole copy and pasting from word is still acting up, so excuse the mistakes if they show.

            Well, we Southern Californians are at that stressful point where we are perfecting and tweaking the various sets and whatnots. “You work right into the bitter end, their’s a
phrase that says ‘the show is frozen’ which we try to do a few days before opening, but really your tweaking that show until the critics come”1 such was said in a documentary concerning the musical “Wicked“. Could not the same be said for Show Choir? Personally I find it rather interesting how the Show just naturally changes and develops as the seasons rolls along, infact one of the interesting things about Show Choir is that no 2 performances are exactly the same. Especially with the more “Show” Show Choirs (like Brea-Burroughs and Burbank-oh my!),one of the best parts about competition is seeing what they have changed since then.

             Another factor of this pre-competition rush is the excitement and hullabaloo of what the other Show Choirs are doing this year, and especially with more of the “Show” Show Choirs, you just never know. I’d doubt I was the only one in the room who didn’t expect those 30ft Bottles during Brea’s climax of “Rendezvous in Paris” (Be Our Guest). Their are certainly some surprises from Brea and Glendora that in all kindness I’d rather not reveal until after Diamond Bar Spectacular 2011 (unless otherwise instructed from either of their directors). But its going to be, as always fun and unexpected, especially with the Popularity of Glee.
What are your thoughts? (Remember: No Choir Gossip/Bashing, and out of common manners, don’t reveal what the other choirs are doing)
As always:
-Justin Rodger

# From “Wicked The Musical Documentary Part 1”

Do pardon the messed up font-im copying and pasting from Word.
A worse mistake than not smiling at during your Choir's preformance. LOL!

You know you're a Show Choir Wannabe if

1. Your in Concert Choir or currently in a Show Choir

2. You shovel out old Choir DVD's and learn the Song and Dance, and just have some pretend time..................... (LOL!)

3.. Your Blonde

4.. You say "Sequin" with a musical tone of voice.

5. During rehearsals you peer in the window of the Choir room with the biggest puppy dog eyes and paw at the window for 3 hours (if you’re Choir room doesn’t have windows, then the government must have declared the bright Sequins unsafe for non-Show Choir people’s eyes!!!!)

6. You would wear your Choir T-Shirt everyday of the week if you could.

7. You attend Show Choir Competitions

8. You watch Glee

9. You know half of the songs from Glee

10. You get all excited and sing to your lungses's death when you hear the opening to "Don't Stop Beliving".

11. You don't drink caffine the day of a Show Choir Compitition (that you attend) beacuse you're afraid you're going to literally explode with excitedness.

(Note: If someone can Sing and Dance at the same time, you can still be in Show Choir and be a Show Choir wannabe at the same time, LOL!).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

****!!!! Introduction !!!!****

Ratings of a So. Cal Show Choir Wannabe
(Aka-So. Cal Show Choir Blog)
and now all the way from G-town Ca. please put your hands together for………..So. Cal Show Choir Blog!!!!!!!”
Ratings of a Southern California Show Choir Wannabe follows the ratings and activities of a Show Choir wannabe, in the worst place ever for someone who wishes to recover from this, well what some call an addiction. This wonderful place being Southern California (ever hear of John Burroughs High’s “Powerhouse?????”). This blog follows the various Choir and local musical theater performances in possibly one of the hottest places for entertainment (or for someone with fair skin). This blog especially follows various Show Choir competitions, as the season is just around the corner.
This blog is not associated with any particular School, or website, but is associated with itself. I have the rite to removed anything I may find inappropriate.

You can also follow us on:
(I would have twitter, but I don’t want my blog to fly away J ) Mind you thease are still under construction, so be patient.

              This blog is not a tool for Gossip or Bashing of anybody or any Choir/Production. As well this Blog does not take any official political or religious stand* but the author and moderator will not use his blog to contradict or deviate from the teachings of his Christian faith which he holds dear.

*At the same time, this Blog is consercrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, under the Co-patronage of St.Cecelia patroness of musicians in order to ask God's Blessing upon our work as preformers/musicians. This is not a relegious or politically focused blog.