Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brea Olinda California Classic: Intermediate Womens & and Placeing

            Dear all:

                    Well what fun we did have that day of Saturday the 19th, with a number of groups throughout the entire weekend just starting to compeate, and some who have already been through the ringer.

                  Walnut HS: "Rhapsody in Blue" (See previous blog)

                       To all of the Dear Walnut people, I arrived just halfway through the, what I'm sure was the outstanding preformance of your set, but I am sooo sorry I didn't get to see you, but I hope to soon!

                     Serrano HS "Bedazzled"
                     Director: Tamara Cox
                     Choreography: Brenda Castillo

                                The opening leavs us in a time, probably the 40's, with the effects of the Harsh reality of War and America's favorite pass time--Baseball. Leaving American's with the great burden of how to fill this new void in American Life, in the song "When you're gone" and "Flagmaker/Over There". Leaving this sport to back Alleys, but no the kiddies are at home, then who could it be? Women!!! In the songs "What a Game/Take me out to the ball game". Then the Women decide to create "A League of their own" in this next tune familiar to fans of the title movie called "All American Girls" (the theme for the AAGPBL) but choosing to forfit thier old fashioned ways in the song "I don't Dance". Then to what joy are we found when the men return safetly from War in thte 80's familiar "The Boys are Back in Town".

                                 Esperanz HS: "Vivance"
                                 Director: Micheal Fenton
                                  Choreography: Aime Mauzy

                                             Esperanza's theme was particularlly appropriate for the California Rt.66 sort of theme for this competition weekend. With a particular use of Prop's and Costume Changes, and an especilly  interesting choreography, mostly particular to the speific harmony parts (SSA), which serves very much as that important musical advantage important to the Show Choir World. They opened up interestingly still with the ballad "Sentimental Journey", going into the rather peppy and exciting "Gettout of my dreams" followed by "Freeway of Love". Our next two selections included "Shut up and Drive" and "Don't stop me now". Then interestingly still we find ourselvs into a quartet of songs consisting of "Bless the Broken Road/Drive my Car" followed by "Born to be Wild/Life is a highway".

                                        Los Alamitos HS: Axcent
                                        Director: David Moellenkamp
                                        Choreographer: Heather Hoppus

                                        Just with the opening of the curtain do we see a great strength an advanatge to the Show Choir World, Size!, The Bigger the better as they say. "Axcent" Opens up with the Song "One Night Only", by Pop-star Jennifer Hudson. Then we enter into the strong and powerful medly of "Family/Ill be There", going into the very powerful solo "I am telling you". Next we see the rather strong and effective costume change conducive to a western theme "Cowboy Cassanova", and ending the set with "We like it loud"

                                         Host Group:
                                          BOHS: Tiffany's
                                          Director: Dave Willert
                                          Choreographer: Doug Khul
                                                      Not until Competition people!!! (Don't ya just love but hate thease suprises).


                          4th Place: Serrano High School "Bedazzled"
                          3rd Place: Esperanza "Vivance"
                           Musicianship: Walnut High School "Rhapsody in Blue"
                           Showmanship: Los Alamitos "Axcent"
                            2nd Place: Walnut High School "Rhapsody in Blue"
                            1st Place: Los Alamitos "Axcent".

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                                      As always:
                                            -Justin Rodger


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