Friday, February 18, 2011

Diamond Bar Spectacular 2011 Results

                  Dear all:

                           Well I would first like to apologize for my absence of Posts due to recent computer trouble I just simply work my way around. Now without further delay, the 2011 Diamond Bar ***Spectacular***

‎5th Place-Serrano High School "Vocal Point"
4th Place-Bonita Vista High School "Music Machine"
3rd Place-Carlsbad High School "Sound Express"
Plaques: Musician Ship: Hart High School "Sound Vibs"
Showman Ship: Brea Olinda High School "Masquerade"
...2nd Place-Hart High School "Sound Machine"
1st Place-Brea Olinda High School "Masquerade"
Video of Hart and Masquerade Winning!!!:
And Lots More Videos from Spectacular 2011!!
                                                Congrats to all the Choirs who all worked and pressed so hard, and now off to see the Girls at Brea and Walnut Valley!!
                                As always:
                                        -Justin Rodger

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