Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 Diamond Bar ***Spectacular*** Show Choir Competition part 2

               Dear all:

                        Before I begin, coming up is the 2nd part of the post regarding the recent 2011 Diamond Bar ***Spectacular*** Show Choir Competition.

                          As always:
                               -Justin Rodger

                                             The next Show Choir to come up on stage is  Mark Keppel High School's "Aztec Singers" blasting us of to space (especilly appropriate as NASA's Jet Propultion Labs is less than 10 miles away from Mark Keppel High School), leading us into the stragne "world" of the Universe, in this "Cosmic Fantasy". We see a strange array of Aliens, as the astronauts travel through the strange planet of Mars, getting themselvs into all sorts of trouble. Ending with the excellant light show conslusion, the Astronauts find themselvs safetly back on Earth.

                                               "Two households, both alike in dignity,In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,"* (http://www.e-text.org/text/Shakespeare%20William%20Romeo%20and%20Juliet.pdf) so appropriatly beings Caralsbad High School's "Sound Express", in this wonderful art piece telling the story of Romeo and Juiet. First we find ourselvs at a Masquerade (ironically enough), with all the fighting and worry between the two families to which they belong. Then with the very emtional ending, with the very interesting set up of the risers.

                                                "Chim chimminey Chim chimminey Chim Chim Cherrry, a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be, can't put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel what's to happen all happend before....on the roof tops of London........" then suddenly, a flash, a roar, we are transformed into early 1900s London (as opposed to 1960's London last year), then amoung all of the commotion and hallabalu, Brea Olinda High School's "Masquerade" starts off with their fantastic Mary Poppins mini set of the "The New Broadwy" set for this year, somehow managing a medly on various songs from the Shreman Bros. Musical. Then out comes probably one of the most unusual things in Show Choir history, your classic happy Mary Poppins Penguin starting off the rather sensational Green Day Medly, then boom suddenly he and the entire stage is transformed into the dream of your average Green Day fan, with the concept of love, betrayel, and love again with the beautiful 121 Guns, ending with "Holiday" with the rather suprising toliet paper ending, as the curtain closes.

                                                      The last Choir of the evening was the famos Serrano High School "Vocalpoint" which left us with a differnt, but interesting set consisting of Telephones called "off the hook", starting from the 1950's on. Such a marvelous set consisting of various sound and lighting effects new to the Show Choir World. This set included various classics such as "one way or another" amoung various titles, and left the crowd hungry for more, but leaving us next to the awards which will be posted next.

                                     This competition certainly sealed Southern California Show Choir's fate as being the pinacle and standard of Show Choir, especilly with the major political shifts taking place this year. Amoung which, include the cancellation of the Aztec Sing, and various changes in choreography and direction.

Videos on our youtube page (which twice made "Show Choir"'s facebook's "Show Choir Song of the day").

                                 As always:
                                        -Justin Rodger.                                      

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