Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 12 days of Compitition

        Dear all:

                  In order to celebrate our 20th post, to take a break from the soon ending series on advice concerning great preformances, here is "the 12 days of Compitition" by the Bonita Vista "Music Machine" 2009
At the First Compitition my True love Gave to me:

1. A Brand New Acapella Piece

2. Hours of Sleep

3. Tired Judges

4. Broken Props

5. Billion Sequins

6. Nervous Breakdowns

7. Minute Warmups

8. Costume Changes

9. Dizzy Dancers

10. Pounds of Hairspray

11. Pounds of Makeup

12. Hour Festivals

We wish you the best of Luck now, and the grand Championship!!!!

              Brought to you by the 2009 Bonita Vista Music Machine
                       As always:
                           -Justin Rodger

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