Sunday, January 16, 2011

You know you're a Show Choir Wannabe if

1. Your in Concert Choir or currently in a Show Choir

2. You shovel out old Choir DVD's and learn the Song and Dance, and just have some pretend time..................... (LOL!)

3.. Your Blonde

4.. You say "Sequin" with a musical tone of voice.

5. During rehearsals you peer in the window of the Choir room with the biggest puppy dog eyes and paw at the window for 3 hours (if you’re Choir room doesn’t have windows, then the government must have declared the bright Sequins unsafe for non-Show Choir people’s eyes!!!!)

6. You would wear your Choir T-Shirt everyday of the week if you could.

7. You attend Show Choir Competitions

8. You watch Glee

9. You know half of the songs from Glee

10. You get all excited and sing to your lungses's death when you hear the opening to "Don't Stop Beliving".

11. You don't drink caffine the day of a Show Choir Compitition (that you attend) beacuse you're afraid you're going to literally explode with excitedness.

(Note: If someone can Sing and Dance at the same time, you can still be in Show Choir and be a Show Choir wannabe at the same time, LOL!).

1 comment:

  1. 12)you know better than to eat chocolate the day before a competition

    13)you bring extra bobby pins the day of a performance and somehow they still run out

    14)you know how to sleep on a bus going 60mph with a bunch of people talking around you

    15)You get excited and get flashbacks when you hear songs that either you or another choir is doing/had done

    16)You're proud to be in choir or associated with choir

    17)You know about the musical Sequins! (for the hardcore choir wannabes)