Sunday, January 16, 2011

What do you look for in Show Choir?


            As I write this, I am currently waiting for the callback list in regards to my audition for Citrus College's Production of "Ragtime", if im not called back it doesnt mean im not in, but it doesnt look to shiny. Also awaiting The very much anticipated 2011 Show Choir Competition Season for Southern California. Speaking of which, a shout out to my good Choir friends at Brea Olinda High School/Jr.High School. After enjoying a good “preview night” on Saturday the 8th, I fully intend to keep quiet what they are doing this year (its going go be quite spectacular). I am also awaiting the news of Costume Changes for the “Guys and Dolls” of the Glendora High School Show Choirs, and interested to see what the other choirs have in store (I seriously have no idea).


We all have our likes and dislikes about Show Choir (I invite you to post yours in the comments section, but DO NOT trash or put down anybody or any of the choirs themselves). As for myself, much of my likes and dislikes are rooted in my years of musical theater when I was younger (and recently re-continuing). So one can expect I happen to have a particular sweet tooth for the big Showy Show Choirs (as I do). But all sequins and steam machines aside, I also believe in doing what you do well (like Arcadia High School’s, Chanteurs and New Spirit). These choirs are living proof, that doing what you do well is particularly important in Show Choir, just in General, (like when Chanteurs totally ate up Brea Olinda’s “Masquerade” at Aztec Sing 2010-NOT TO IMPLY that Brea does not do well, what they do, but their more of a “Show” focus unfortunately can knock any Choir’s points down (it depends Judge to Judge and partially their own likes and dislikes).

              As I mentioned earlier, being my prior and continuing experience in Musical Theater, I also happen to have a “Hart” for the more Showy Show Choirs (like Brea, Burroughs and Burbank-----OH MY!). I have a particular love for the Brea Choirs due to their spirit of love and family not found in most choirs (from what I can understand) present at each and every performance. So here is my thumbs up to Dave Willert and Doug Khul, of making your choirs a “world of imagination”. I don’t have a particular preference for the Mid West Show Choirs, but admittedly enough, they help keep alive and keep us Californians aware of our wonderful Show Choir History and Tradition (30 years strong!!!).

                           As always:
                                 -Justin Rodger

   P.S: This whole copy and pasting from word is still acting up, so excuse the mistakes if they show.


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  2. I noticed that last year: Arcadia's strength is vocals, hands down. we see this with marching band too; my school's show was more complex and it was entertaining, but another school beat us in music by twelve points, thus landing us in second place with a .9 difference :/

    being an entertainer, I look for facials and performance level; the general effect of the show. But there's also the formations the choir has for each song; perfect windows and perfect lines and whatnot, and whether the choir moves together as one person, not like a 50-plus group

    I like a capella numbers because that's when it's pure music; no accompaniment, no motion (unless it's Masquerade 2009. To me, the a acapella is one of the most important parts of a choir's show