Sunday, January 16, 2011

            Well, we Southern Californians are at that stressful point where we are perfecting and tweaking the various sets and whatnots. “You work right into the bitter end, their’s a
phrase that says ‘the show is frozen’ which we try to do a few days before opening, but really your tweaking that show until the critics come”1 such was said in a documentary concerning the musical “Wicked“. Could not the same be said for Show Choir? Personally I find it rather interesting how the Show just naturally changes and develops as the seasons rolls along, infact one of the interesting things about Show Choir is that no 2 performances are exactly the same. Especially with the more “Show” Show Choirs (like Brea-Burroughs and Burbank-oh my!),one of the best parts about competition is seeing what they have changed since then.

             Another factor of this pre-competition rush is the excitement and hullabaloo of what the other Show Choirs are doing this year, and especially with more of the “Show” Show Choirs, you just never know. I’d doubt I was the only one in the room who didn’t expect those 30ft Bottles during Brea’s climax of “Rendezvous in Paris” (Be Our Guest). Their are certainly some surprises from Brea and Glendora that in all kindness I’d rather not reveal until after Diamond Bar Spectacular 2011 (unless otherwise instructed from either of their directors). But its going to be, as always fun and unexpected, especially with the Popularity of Glee.
What are your thoughts? (Remember: No Choir Gossip/Bashing, and out of common manners, don’t reveal what the other choirs are doing)
As always:
-Justin Rodger

# From “Wicked The Musical Documentary Part 1”

Do pardon the messed up font-im copying and pasting from Word.
A worse mistake than not smiling at during your Choir's preformance. LOL!

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