Saturday, January 15, 2011

****!!!! Introduction !!!!****

Ratings of a So. Cal Show Choir Wannabe
(Aka-So. Cal Show Choir Blog)
and now all the way from G-town Ca. please put your hands together for………..So. Cal Show Choir Blog!!!!!!!”
Ratings of a Southern California Show Choir Wannabe follows the ratings and activities of a Show Choir wannabe, in the worst place ever for someone who wishes to recover from this, well what some call an addiction. This wonderful place being Southern California (ever hear of John Burroughs High’s “Powerhouse?????”). This blog follows the various Choir and local musical theater performances in possibly one of the hottest places for entertainment (or for someone with fair skin). This blog especially follows various Show Choir competitions, as the season is just around the corner.
This blog is not associated with any particular School, or website, but is associated with itself. I have the rite to removed anything I may find inappropriate.

You can also follow us on:
(I would have twitter, but I don’t want my blog to fly away J ) Mind you thease are still under construction, so be patient.

              This blog is not a tool for Gossip or Bashing of anybody or any Choir/Production. As well this Blog does not take any official political or religious stand* but the author and moderator will not use his blog to contradict or deviate from the teachings of his Christian faith which he holds dear.

*At the same time, this Blog is consercrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, under the Co-patronage of St.Cecelia patroness of musicians in order to ask God's Blessing upon our work as preformers/musicians. This is not a relegious or politically focused blog.

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