Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Concert Choir really that important?

                     Dear all:

                             Well, with all the hustle and bustle of any standard Show Choir year, some Choirs happen to have a strong "Concert" feel to it at times, and even those without often wonder "is Concert Choir really that important anyways?". Concert Choir reminds us of the roots of Show Choir, in being a Choir. Infact, with true Concert Choir, their are many things that some Show Choirs just plain miss out (like Bach, Mozart, Bhrams etc), naturally due to their busy schedule. It is known that  many Britsh Rock Starts started out in similar Classical tranning (like Orchestras for example). Concert Choir also provides those in Show Choir with a great amount of extra time consistant vocal tranning and as with any team, it is only as stong as its weakest link (this is why I also encourage extra dance lessons).

                                    As always:
                                           -Justin Rodger

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