Sunday, January 23, 2011

Favorite things about Preforming

         Dear all:

                      We all have our own littler quirks about Preforming, and I invite you to post your own, as the following are mine.

1. All of the stress of costume changes (especilly 17 Second Costume Changes)

2.  Makeup and what not.

3. Having a live audiance there watching you.

4. My love for music and singing

5. The Stress of Blackouts on stage.

6. How (especilly with full productions), backstage is a compleatly differnt world.

7. How a message from the director to you (and the cast) backstage, can be compleatly twisted by the time it gets to you.

8. Having to "run" behind the set to get to the other side of the stage (depending on where I am preforming).

9. The quiet of the backstage.

10. Having to memorize all of that music and lituerature.

11. Having a sort of relationship and common understanding with your fellow preformers.

12. At audition, the stress of audition

13. At rehersals and Auditions, all the funny clothes we preforming arts people wear (spandex, wife beaters, etc)

14. Having lots of auditions, rehersals and preformances to do, at a single time.

15. Just being busy with things to do.

16. All of my new friends that I make!!!!!!!!!!

17. Also the "Stress" of the "oh my, thay person is wayyyyyyy better then me" stress, auditions.

18. The stress of audition waiting rooms!!

19. The Stress of "ok where ready for you know"

20. Getting a call back (even If one doesnt get it, or you don't know yet, at least you're going somewhere)

21. Also the stress of the intense waiting period after you audition to find out.

22.  Rehersals, and being all sweaty and just ya know.

23.When the stage manager says "Curtain" or "Places please" or therof.

                What are yours?

                             As always:
                                    -Justin Rodger

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