Sunday, March 20, 2011

WHS: "Showtime" I--Intermediate Women's Division

                    Dear all:

                           Being my rather late arrival to what I thought would be an over tickted preformance, my apologies to Walnut's "Rahpsody in Blue", Woodbridges "Encore", and Pacifica's "Pearls". Referance to their sets can be made via the previous post (of the program and placing).

                                The 5th Choir of the evening "Tartan Silhouettes" left me and my "crew" in the lobby via the Theater feed (and my Kudos to my dear Friend Sue Lewis who so wittingly posted the sign "not a V and S DVD feed" below the TV screen, right on!!!). Naturally with such improvment (mainly of the auctual preformance in itsself) with the same selections of last week. "Im a Star" by Cracauer,  "Look to the Rainbow" by Althouse, and "It Might as well be Spring" by Shaw. Other selections include "This little light of mine" by Hayes, the specially arranged accapella Ballad by Hayes/Trevor "Heart we will forget him", and finally "If my Friends could see me now" by Huff.

                                Brea Olinda High School's "Tiffany's" were certainly here to "guide you" in thier traditional "Tiffany's Theme". Then their next 3 selections finds quite appropriate concerning the weather of that weekend. The 2nd being "Singin' in the rain", the 3rd "Soon its Gonna Rain" and their 4th "Don't rain on my Parade" from the Musical "Funny Girl". Their second ballad "My First Love" (with "Soon its Gonna Rain" being the first) takes the stage, as they end with "Too Darn Hot".

                                The next Choir was Esperanza High School's "Vivance" which presented an interesting Car/Rt.66 Theme last time we met at Brea the week before. The First song, a ballad, was "Sentimental Journey" by Fenton, the next two selections being "Get Outta my Dreams/Freeway of Love" and "Shut up and Drive/Don't stop me now" both by Taylor. The next ballad was the Rascall Flatts's "God Bless the Broken Road" also by Taylor, with "Drive My Car" and "Life is a Highway" following. With the last two songs being "Born to be Wild" and "Rockin' Down the Highway", all of course by....Taylor.

                                The Final Choir of the evening was Mark Keppel High School's "Women's Choir", directed by Tony Azeltine and Choreographed by Kanatinia Ballard. Both Mark Keppel HS Choirs have shown great improvement this year!!!!!

                                                        -Justin Rodger

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